Leather Wallet w/ Segemented Wood/Brass Clasp

Leather Wallet w/ Segemented Wood/Brass Clasp


With the proper application to these reclaimed materials, we have developed these long body envelope wallets with a divider slip pocket to split both cash and credit cards. The hair-on-hide cow leather had been sprayed with acid dye to achieve that splattered texture. The wood clasp is upcycled exotic wood, that is backed with bronze, and covered in an epoxy resin to allow for durability as well as a luscious shine.

The body of the wallet is part hand and machine sewn, and our logo is burned with a branding iron into small scraps of leather in order to make use of all aspects of our material. It is the artisan quality craftsmanship and intention to detail that makes these one-of-kind upcycled wallets so unique and special.


Leather: Acid dye hair-on-hide cow leather
Wood: Cocobolo
Metal: Bronze

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