Segmented Skateboard/Brass Pendant

Segmented Skateboard/Brass Pendant


Our skateboard pendants are extremely special to us. Each skateboard company stacks and compresses different colors of ply to indicate their brand. What is so wonderful about this it is not something you would notice until the skateboard is broken or cut to expose the inside. We naturally collected our broken boards to re-fabricate them into wearable goods. It is a wonderful process to use materials that have experienced life, naturally we have taken it upon ourselves to find the best way to highlight those materials greatest features. We back each pendant with metal and coat the pendant in a epoxy resin for not only ascetics but to preserve and protect the wood, as well as allow for a reversible capability for the wearer.

This pendant was segmented, which is the process of taking tiny scraps of wood, gluing and layering to achieve a different patterning in the grain. It is through intense problem solving that these tiny pieces are reconstructed to allow us to build larger forms. It has become a skill of puzzling and the mission to continually seek to challenge ourselves.

Material: Nu gold
Length: 22.5 in

Length: 5 cm
Width: .75cm

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